Marilyn Gold’s Artist Statement

I work abstractly and have worked in this manner for 32 years.  I don’t think about representing an image, but I do think about creating a true sense of the world, of what it feels like to be walking around, looking, and experiencing how the world truly feels sensorially.

I think about how to find a place visually that is both accepting of what the paint is doing naturally,  but at the same time creating,  within a flat rectangle, a sense of special interest (depth) as well as rhythm.  In my practice, color and form, light and luminosity are direct paths to emotion and all work to create a path to imagery.

I want the paint to feel like it belongs on the canvass; that it could not have been otherwise- natural like a human body; tree, sky; all ‘perfect’ in its very sense of nature, that there could have been nothing more to make this better.   And I find that when it feels this way, this is when I know that the painting is finished.